Your Wedding Makeup Application

Make-up is basically to complement the beauty you have. God made everything beautiful. For every faces there is a particular feature on it to make that face stand out and unique it may be the lips, ears, eyes, and nose or cheek bone.

Take time out to observe the uniqueness of your face you’ll be amazed of the beauty and gorgeous nature it has. Make-up however compliments this beauty and could make it even more pronounced. It is on this aspect that I have noticed that many people instead of complementing these features, with the appropriate make up, do a good job at down playing them and hiding them.Some people also fail to know the colors that complement their skin type. Another problem is that some people do not know the basics.

The first makeup tip you should observe is the importance of finding the right powder foundation for your skin colour. Eye shadow, lipsticks, blusher, mascara and whatever accent the face; it is the powder foundation that set the tone for a woman’s appearance.


Foundation can be applied with the fingertips or with a makeup sponge or both. Select a foundation for your skin type. Test foundation along your jaw line it must match the colour of your jaw line. Blend the foundation out towards the hair line. Also apply foundation under the chin and the front part of the neck so colours can blend.


Concealers are however not necessary for everybody. You can apply it to cover trouble spots and imperfections. Choose the colour that matches your skin type or one shade lighter. Use concealer to cover the dark circles around the eyes area and blend perfectly.


The powder should be used after all cream products; which means, if you use cream- blusher, contour, highlighter, or eye shadow, they should be applied before you reach for the face powder. Because it is nearly impossible to get cream products to blend well on top of powder surface, without it giving you a streaky look. Use loose powder to set makeup and compact powder for easy touch – ups.Apply the powder with a large full rounded brush. Avoid using a sponge or powder puff, which can put too much powder on the face. Pick up some of the powder in the full end of the brush; always knock off the excess before brushing it on.


When it comes to make-up, the eyes are very important. The eye make up can either make or mar the overall face make-up so it is wise to do eyes as skilful as possible. The first step of creating beautiful eye is to examine the eye brows, start by grooming brows to frame and shape the face. Eye shadow stay longer if the eyelids have been prepared with a bit of foundation. The basic application that can be adapted to create a variety of looks: - Three Colour (dark, medium, and light-highlighter).A. Apply the medium shadow first, and then apply the dark shade to the eye lid area. It is better to start in the middle of the eye lid and work out towards the outside, cover the entire lid. Blend the crease area in well. If you have a thin eye shadow brush, you might want to try darkening the crease area with a little more dark shadow, just along the crease. Then you can apply the first coat of the highlighter.B. The lightest colour is applied to the entire eyelid and to the edge of the eyebrow. Select the medium colour from the same or complementary colour family and apply on the eyelid covering the eyeball alone. Then you apply the deepest colour to the crease of the eyelid.C. In using two colours, sweep the paler shade across the lid and brow bone then brush the darker shade in the crease of the eyelid. Though there are other very complicated techniques, they all come to almost if not the same look at the end.Sometimes, you could add a highlight colour to the skin near the eye lashes just to give an electrifying look. Always keep eye shadow natural for the white wedding, avoid strong shadow like charcoal use softer colours. For your traditional choose colour to suit your outfit. Put in mind that a pastel shade will look softer while dark shade will appear more dramatic.


Apply eyeliner as close as possible into the lashes; draw a thin line from the inner to the outer corner using one fluid stroke following the curvature of the eyelid. Make sure that the two lines meet at the back corner of the eye.


Use colour that is as natural looking and very close to the colour of your brow skin. Draw your pencil to be full shape and begin at the side of the inner corner of the eye, angle the pencil along to form an arch at almost the outer corner of the eye and it should end at the outer corner of the eye in a thin shape.


Use an eye lash curler before applying mascara, curl gently at the base of the lashes. Twist the wand to collect mascara on the brush and apply gently from the base of the lash and curl outward. Use less mascara on lower lashes.


Use blush brush to apply blush along the full line of the cheekbone brushing down and back towards the ear. Apply a small amount of colour at a time; you can always add more if there is need to, but difficult to remove if in excess.


Apply a little quantity of lip gel first. Begin applying lip liner at the centre of your natural upper lip line to define the bow then work toward the outer corners to complete the line. Start at one corner of your bottom lip then follow your natural lip line all the way to the other corner. Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick. Apply colour onto the centre of your lips blending up and out to the lip line working towards the corners with a lipstick applicator. Apply lip-gloss to finish.



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