Your Cake

We love cakes. Don't you? As you start planning for your wedding cake take the following into consideration.

Taste: Even if your cake looks good that doesn't mean it will taste good! Don’t spoil the show by serving a nasty tasting cake. Make sure to try samples from your baker before placing your order. You can even tell him/her that you want to taste the exact cake they will be making for you before the wedding day.

Flavor: Oh there are so many types of flavor to choose from. For your wedding it is advised to stick with the most common. If you go too unique on this you will end up eating your cake alone. And no one wants that So stick with flavors like vanilla, strawberry etc. You can even do multi layered cake that way people can have variety of flavor. But please don’t do kiwi flavor, etc You may love it but others may not.

Color: A book is judged by its cover and so will your cake. Don’t mix colors that don’t match and end up making people think you are color blind. Pick one major color and then for decorations pick colors that are on the same side of the color wheel.

Icing: Fondant versus butter cream? Butter cream tastes good but fondant looks better! I can’t help you here Decide what you want the look or the taste!# of layers: Simple is elegant. If you want to make a statement go simple and elegant. Too tall and you give your baker an headache.

Also you may put your cake in danger of collapsing before reaching the reception! Make it in such a way that it can be assembled at the venue.To top this all up I want to give you one last hint you should try at your wedding:How many weddings have you been to that you ended up eating part of the cake? Few I bet, may be at those wedding you were very actively involved in or you knew the celebrant well. Anyway to ensure that most people share in your wedding cake try using sheet cakes as a back up. So here is what I am saying: You have your main cake that looks very beautiful and all and in the back room you have several sheet cakes (with no decorations) cut and ready to be served. That way the moment the bride and groom cuts the main cake. The servers can immediately start serving the one in the back room! Brilliant idea!


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