Ride a Recession

With the recession hitting couples all over the globe you also must be wondering how you can save while planning your wedding.Here are a few tips from Omooba Bridal.

Keep the wedding planning in House: If you can get your friends or family to plan your wedding make use of that precious opportunity. You know for sure they are out to help versus make money.Invite the people most important to you, your family and your in-laws to be’s family. Why do you have to invite the whole town to your wedding?

I know culturally people may frown at this but if you are the one footing the bill its up to you to invite or not.Keep your bridal train to a minimum. Why have a train of 16 people (8 female, 8 male) when you don’t have to? You torture your friends into coughing out money they don’t have to buy outfits they would only wear once! Note that you can, in a nice way, let your friends use same money to buy you (the couple) gifts that you will appreciate a lot more. You can reduce the number to 6 or 8 (3 or 4 female, 3 or 4 male)Here is a trick to carry out when planning for your Cake.

Every bride wants a lovely cake but we all know the cake may not go round the guest. You can actually make two cakes: One that looks good for the picture etc and the other sheet cakes : plain cakes with icing but no decorations. The sheet cakes can be precut so that immediately after the cake cutting event your guest can be served.

Basically what I am saying is that you not make our precious cakes too big because you thing everyone must eat out of the nice looking one – you can actually reserve this for closest family members.Your Music. Why pay a DJ huge sum of moment when you can premix your favourite songs and ask a friend to control it? Before the big event you can work with your spouse-to-be to create a collection of 50 to 100 songs you like All you then need is a sound system that meets the size of the audience you are expecting.

Put on your negotiating cap when buying your wedding items. It doesn't hurt to ask your wedding providers for discounts.Ask your friends to take as many pictures of you as possible with their digital camera. This way you will have more variety to pick should your photographer miss some special moments

So what items should you spend on?Your Band. Ladies your wedding ring must look gorgeous as it is the only piece of reminder you will have on you forever. It also tells what type of person you are.Your Wedding gown. Whether you believe it or not every single guest at your wedding would have their eyes on you. The pictures you take on that day for future keepsake would bare you witness.

Omooba Bridal has the best quality wedding gowns you can find at the best price.

The food you serve at your wedding: go for quality versus quantity. Your guest are not hungry people so don’t serve them as if they are begging you for food. Invite a few guests and serve them something they will remember.


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