Designing Your invitation

Congratulations on your engagement! Now its time to let everyone know that you are getting married. To help you get started here are a few things to note when picking your wedding invitation design.

Color Texture Graphics Font Content Fold Seal Color: When selecting the color of your wedding invitation card you can use the bride's wedding color (if you already know it) as the color used to type the words. Usually the invitation should be white, off white, gold or silver. By using colored texts, for example lilac, the invitation stands outTexture: The paper used to make the invitation card can be textured so pick the design you like or a plain paper. You can also do glossy to had shine.Graphics: From heart shapes to crosses you will have various options. Decide on which one you will like to have represent you and your partner.Font: The font you select must be very nice as this is the icing on the cake. It will also give the first impression when the invitation is received.

Content: Most important in all, make sure to consult with both families involved here. Usually I would recommend that the couple leave this out to the bride's parents to complete. You see parents take pride in this act. So tell the bride's parent to provide a drafts of what they want the content to be. You can then verify the appropriate names with the groom's parents.

Once you have feedbacks from both set of parents you can add your own input. This way all the church, reception, RSVPs information would be correct.

Fold: You can have your wedding invitation to fold horizontally or vertically. Just like in a greeting card this will determine what how it is opened once taken out of the envelop.Seal: Add a personalized touch by using a seal on the envelops!


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