Create a Timetable for Planning Your Wedding...

Planning ahead is key!. To plan a successful wedding you need to carry out several tasks. Here are activities and the timeline to guide you from 12 months before your big day...

12 Months Ahead

  1. Set your wedding date
  2. If they do not already know each other, arrange to introduce your fiance's family to your own
  3. Decide how much you're willing to spend and make a budget
  4. Decide the church and reception location for your wedding
  5. Hire a wedding consultant/planner if you plan to choose one
  6. Choose your attendants and make sure they will be able to participate in your wedding
  7. Start shopping for your wedding dress with Omooba Bridal
  8. Start shopping for gowns for your attendants. If they live far away, ask them for their measurements and sizes Starts your guest list. Talk with your fiance's parents about the guests they would like you to invite.
  9. Interview photographers and or videotape companies
  10. Register your gifts preferences with a wedding gift registry at a department or specialty store.

  • 6 Months Ahead
  1. Make sure your groom has selected wedding attire for himself and his groomsmen
  2. Discuss your chosen color scheme with your mother and your fiance's mother so they can choose their gowns Finalize your guest list
  3. Choose a caterer and a menu
  4. Choose a florist
  5. Book musicians and or a D.J. for the ceremony and reception
  6. Order your invitations
  7. Order your wedding cake
  8. Arrange transportation to and from the wedding and reception for your bridal party

  • 4 Months Ahead
  1. Order your gown from Us. Omooba Bridal requires adequate time. Visit today
  2. Make appointments for physical exams and blood tests if required
  3. Decide on your honeymoon destination and make reservations with your travel agent. If you need a passport, get one or have it updated. Make sure your husband-to-be has an up-to-date passport.
  4. Reconfirm the date with the caterer, florist, musicians and photographers
  5. Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests

2 Months Ahead

  1. Mail the invitations
  2. Order wedding rings and arrange for any engraving
  3. Shop for gifts for each other and attendants Meet with the florist to decide on flowers
  4. Reserve equipment such as glasses, table, tablecloths, chairs, or tents if you will need to rent them
  5. Schedule an appointment for a trial hair style with your hairdresser and makeup expert so you can settle on a hairstyle and makeup look before the big day

1 Month Ahead

  1. Receive your wedding gown from Omooba Bridal:
  2. Get any accessories you need to complete your bridal attire: shoes, jewelry. We include a free veil anf free gloves for you.
  3. Plan your honeymoon wardrobe and shop for any toiletries or special items you'll need for the trip
  4. Determine your luggage needs
  5. Confirm accommodations for out of town guests
  6. Write thank you notes as the gifts arrive

2 Weeks Ahead

  1. Take a count of your RSVP's and give a preliminary guest number to your caterer
  2. Make seating chart -if you're having sit-down dinner - and write place cards
  3. Send change-of-address cards if necessary
  4. Wrap presents for groom and for attendants

1 Week Ahead

  1. Try on your wedding gown to recheck the fit and make sure it is properly pressed/steamed or ironed carefully
  2. Make sure your attendants have their dresses and headpieces and that they've tried them on Reconfirm details with those services you're using: caterer- final guest count, musician- review music selections, florist and baker




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