Caring For Your Face

Ladies in the house! Stop using the same body soap for your face! Why? Well because your face needs special care and attention!

The skin on the face is the most exposed area of your body. Putting some effort in caring for it would go a long way to help you as you grow older.

Tips on Facial Care:

  1. Wipe all make-up from your face at the end of each day. This would allow your skin to breadth. Invest in a good facial cleansing soap (liquid or bar). Use this each morning when you take your bath.
  2. Exfoliate your face once or twice a week.
  3. Invest in deep cleansers. You can use this after you have taken off your make-up.
  4. If possible buy a facial peel. This will help remove dead skin cells from your face to expose new ones.
  5. Also remember to put on sunscreen to help prevent darkening.
  6. If you follow this steps you should notice significant improvement in just two weeks.

Do you desire flawless skin? if will take some effort since this does not occur by default!... even if you use nice foundation to cover up -- you should not be ignoring your skin. As you approach the big 30 or draw closer to the big 40 ages you will begin to appreciate good skin care routine. Im there now and for the past few years i have started to give more attention to my skin. I do wish I was informed earlier but better late than never. I see a huge difference in my face now.. dark spots completely erased, smile lines minimized, pores reduced, oily skin controlled etc.


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