Be the helping Hand

What do I mean? We all know that the two will be come one so you need to extend your friendship to both otherwise you can say bye-bye. In marriage either the two accepts you or they don’t.

The wedding day is one of the most important days of the couple's life. Friendships are built on that day. If you are there for the couple you will be forever on their minds.Here are a few ways to support the couple on their special occasion. The most important thing you can do is to be available.

Basically let the couple know that you are willing to be of assistance. Ask them what you can do to help.Take care of the couple's special guest: Although the couples invited many guests the truth is that they would rarely have a chance to attend to all their guests. They can occasionally give a hug here and there but really they need you to help make sure all their guests are doing fine. Before the big day you can ask them if they have any guest that needs extra attention.

If they give you the name then you can make sure that the guest is well sited and provided for. If your friend did not get a wedding planner you can assist with the wedding planning: You can help :Share the cake, blow the balloon etc. You can help drive people around. On the wedding day there is always guest to move from the church location to the reception hall. If someone needs a ride be there to help out.

You can also host out-of-town guests. We all know having guests in the hotel is always a big deal. If you have a spare room you can let the couple know you are willing to host any of their guests.

Take pictures: If you have a digital camera take many pictures of the bride and groom. Make sure to send it to them after the wedding with a nice note. This is something they would love.

You can make gifts/keepsakes for the guest. Make sure you preserve samples for the couple otherwise they may never know you shared gifts to their guests. Above all rejoice with the couple


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